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customs clearance

Customs clearance - rather complicated, time-consuming, tedious and incomprehensible if you do not know all its subtleties and nuances. The latter depends on many factors, first and foremost - the type of load, type of transport, the necessary permits and other documents.

"Trifles" or mistakes in the customs documents - they can cause prolonged downtime of your cargo at temporary storage (WTS) while the deadline for delivery, idle production, break contracts, lost orders and customers.
Customs clearance involves several stages (preparation and analysis of shipping documents, such as foreign trade contract, commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, CMR, preliminary information and declaration, documentary control at border crossing points, the registration of the company party FEA Customs , timely and proper payment of customs duties, fees and charges, confirmation of the customs value, inspection and examination of the load, etc.), each of which may be a stumbling block for further investigation.

Possible delays in shipping, and the penalties for simple possession, costs due to adjustment of customs value - all this can be avoided if the customs clearance charge, including checking and preparation of documents, experts' KrasnodarTamozhService. "

We will help you to correctly classify goods on HS codes TC, calculate the customs value and the amount of customs duties, posodeystvuem to obtain additional permits and related documents.

Classical and electronic pre-declaration, advice prior to entering into the transaction and direct customs clearance at Novorossiysk, Krasnodar, Taganrog customs and central excise customs post in Krasnodar - all it can do for you by our company.