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The main direction of "KrasnodarTamozhService" from the date of our foundation - organizatsiyamorskih transport of goods.

Often we are approached by customers who want a hassle to carry oversized cargo or machinery. Thus the customer special requirements for carriage - so when it comes to loading and transportation of non-standard and oversized cargo.
Transportation of any cargo is always associated with significant troubles. But the real difficulty comes when you need to transport oversized or heavy cargo, such as equipment.

This search for a carrier with a suitable means of transport, and mass execution of documents, the approval of the route, providing special equipment for loading / unloading. In the case of the transport of bulky objects to / from other countries becomes even more problems, because there is a need for customs clearance. That's why the best option is to transfer this task logistics companies, to which belongs "KrasnodarTamozhServis."
Cheap, reliable, versatile - it can be described as container shipping, which are very popular all over the world.
Transportation of all kinds of goods by sea in containers - a decision that is equally beneficial for owners of various types and parts (volume) of goods. This is possible through the use of several types of containers (standard 20- and 40-foot, as well as special Open Top and Flat Rack, Tank, REF) and ways to load (FCL and LCL).
We will also be useful to you and if you are interested in in-port forwarding and survey services.

It is impossible to fully disclose all the nuances of the implementation of quite complex in its organization container shipping. Therefore, to clarify all details call back to our expert.